A Merry Christmas from Interplay



You've probably already heard it by now: Interplay was worried that some of their employees might not have enough time to spend with their families over the holidays and spontaneously decided to lay off a number of developers. Basically closing down Black Isle Studios and putting an end to the development of the game known under the working title 'Van Buren'. Also known as Fallout 3. Interplay is now focussing on the production of console hack'n slay titles such as Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Hurray.

That said, it's a sad day. Good luck to all ex-BIS-employees! Maybe we'll see some of them again at Obsidian Entertainment, a company founded by someone who left Black Isle a while ago: Feargus Urquhart. Well, I guess I'll dig out my copy of Planescape Torment again to take a look at what certainly is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. If you want to know more about Santaplay's 'early gift' and the game that could have been Fallout 3, head over to No Mutants Allowed. There's also a forum thread on the topic.


How nice from interplay. I heard for christmas day they'll actually hire a few gang members to personally go and kick every former employee's dog.

They'd have to hire a few gang members, pay for roundtrip airfare to Logan airport from John Wayne airport, then personally go kick every former employee's dog.

This is a sad, sad day in the game industry.

Well my hopes are dead... I shall never see an expansion to Fallout Tactics or Fallout 3 for that matter...

keep faith. once the suits on the top rotate again, someone might get the bright idea of reanimating old franchise.

I just shed a radioactive tear.

I don't know what I can offer other than to mirror the sentiment that this really sucks. Loved Fallout, Fallout 2, even Fallout Tactics. You know, if Thief 3 can still get made, anything is possible, right?

So how exactly does Interplay plan to stay afloat? What the hell have they done lately? Port games that don't belong on consoles to consoles? Interplay used to be the sh*t. Now it's just plain sh*t.