Dec 8th - 14th


Certis is MIA again saving some orphans in a burning orphanarium so I've been tasked to do The Week Ahead. I personally think he's just being a slacker, I mean it's not like you couldn't type while saving orphans. They're pretty small and malnourished, I bet you could pick em up with one hand. He's probably sitting around on his lazy ass, whining to Hoochie in that high pitched nasal voice I'm sure he has. "Could I have a fire blanket?" "Could you get me some water?" "Could you call an ambulance? My leg is burning off."

The big release this week is Horizons, which strangely enough didn't show up the first time I searched at EBGames. Several of the guys at this site participated in the beta, you can read Certis' extensive impressions to find out some more about the game. It is released Tuesday here in the states on the PC for $49.99.

On the DVD front we have both the 5th season of Buffy, which is my favorite, and Firefly coming out on DVD Tuesday!The Rest

Fatal Frame 2
Platform: PS2
Ships: Dec 9th
Price: $49.95

The Buzz: It's the sequel to the creepy PS2 thriller which revolves around twin girls who are lost in an abandoned village. The main gameplay mechanic revolves around a camera and is supposedly scary as hell.

R: Racing Evolution
Platform: XBox, PS2 and GC
Ships: Dec 9th
Price: $49.95

The Buzz: Having never played a game in the Ridge Racer series I can only assume this game is about positioning beautiful women in racing suits next to cars and taking pictures. There may be some racing involved as well.

King of Fighters 2000 & 2001
Platform: PS2
Ships: Dec 9th
Price: $39.95

The Buzz: The dearly departed SNK's fighters have been ported to the PS2 with requisite extra movies and game modes. If you're a fan of the series it may be the last chance to get your own copy.

Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix
Platform: XBox
Ships: Dec 9th
Price: $39.95

The Buzz: Finally all the goodness of DDR without having to fight sweaty greasy teenage boys for the machines. At least, I hear it's good. I've certainly never played it. Oh who am I kidding, OMG ddr iS s0 kawaii ^______^

Shadowbane: Rise of Chaos Expansion
Platform: PC
Ships: Dec 9th
Price $19.95

The Buzz: This MMORPG expansion adds several locations, classes and even a new playable race. It has an expansion price to boot.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete 5th Season
Firefly: The Complete Series
M*A*S*H: Season Five Collector's Edition
Best Of The Muppet Show: Steve Martin

The rest of the DVDs

- Pyroman[FO]


Gigli is already out on DVD? That's funny, it was just in theaters what 2 months ago? Dirty Dancing has been on DVD for a while - heck, it's a $10 Walmart special.

Hmm, somehow videoeta tricked me on the Dirty Dancing thing.

Also, nobody saw any Horizons edit, I will not hear your lies.

I was looking for info on Firefly just yesterday. I think the Dirty Dancing DVD is one of those special edition versions. So it is a new release I guess.

What edit?

There was no edit. Just as no avatars grew beards on these forums.

If there was an edit, it would be because EBGames didn't list Horizons as a "Coming Soon" release so I didn't see it the first time. Of course, there was no edit so you are just crazy.

The one time Certis lets Pyro do the news....