Hong Kong Education Secretary Bejeweled


From the "Player of the Week" department comes this Straits Times story o­n Professor Arthur Li, Secretary for Education and Manpower in Hong Kong. The Prof was 'caught in the act' by some students during a meeting. Being the gamer that he is he even refused to apologize for playing Bejeweled o­n his PDA as "no constructive opinions" were voiced in the debate. Being the politician that he is Li immediately tried to point the spotlight o­nto the 'real issue':

'What is important now is not an apology or whether I was being disrespectful, but how to improve education with less resources,' he was quoted as saying by The Standard.
I guess talking about the financial performance of your company might not ease the anger of your boss who stormed into your office while you were playing a game. You, however, could mention that this kind of activity probably improves your productivity and job satisfaction. The latter may have worked for Prof Li, who admits being a 'meeting gamer' instead of telling stories about how his "finger slipped."


I'd vote for him.

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Yeah, it's at the local Taco Bell...

Yeah, it's at the local Taco Bell...

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Yeah, it's at the local Taco Bell...

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There's no Taco Bell in Europe.

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