The Force is Weak in this One


Let me tell you a brief story. Last weekend, after Thanksgiving, I was taking a brief respite in what turned out to be a marathon gaming fiesta to eat some leftovers. I was just eating turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, nothing terribly challenging. Something suddenly went wrong. I don't know how it happened, but I bit down o­n my fork with such tremendous force that I chipped my front teeth o­n the top and bottom in o­ne vicious crunch. So what was to be a routine appointment today at the dentist has probably just become a lot less routine. The kicker? I had played about 12 hours worth of KOTOR o­nly the day before. Coincidence? You tell me!IL Comic


After debating KoTOR and the like with my ol' friend Davon we came to the conclusion that choosing the dark route in any game is a very awkward experience due to the concept of 'being evil' beneath them.

I'm famous!

I played both the light and the dark side in KOTOR, and I don't know... in a way it a bit more fun to be in the dark side... but I agree that it feels odd doing it. It's so easy to be good, and do hard being bad.... I wonder why? Probably they don't want children to get a wrong idea...

Good comic Sway...

I'm famous!

I thought the comic was about Sway, does this mean you're all named Shawn? That's going to be one wierd E3 trip.

They didn't tell you you're all staying in the same room Pyro.

E3 has taken an erotic turn I'm not sure I'm enitrely comfortable with.

When I first got KOTOR for the Xbox, I was playing and eating Starbursts and broke a piece off of one of my molars, I sh*t you not. Therefore, KOTOR causes dental issues. There should be a warning on the box.

Your pal,

Still waiting to get the space station off live before going through it again as dark.

Told the wife (who hasn't been interested in the game), come on, just for fun, why don't we play it together and see just how evil you can be? It's just a game, right, just for laughs.

See what I'm doing here? Making her the bad guy sets me free to just sit back and enjoy it.

She'll probably crack like the rest of them, though.

I just became a jedi (dark this time) and it has been a lot different this time around. I enjoyed picking up the bounties by myself

Jesus, my wife could never play the dark route (aside from the fact that she doesn't know Star Wars from Star Trek. Women, eh? Tch. Where was I?) in any game. She gets upset when her RSI meter ( puts on a frown and tells her to take a break.