Gametunnel's G.o.t.Y. Nominees


A website putting up 'Game of the Year' nominations - mind-blowing, isn't it? However, while I usually find general G.o.t.Y. acitivities of bigger websites more or less uninteresting as the nominated titles are often obvious choices, that one personality of mine that has a soft spot for small/indie teams would like to mention Gametunnel's feature since it is a nice, compiled list of some interesting indie/shareware games we've got to see this year.

21-6 Productions (interview) and Chronic Logic (interview) received nominations for Orbz and Triptych respectively. 'Shareware RPG guru' Jeff Vogel got a nod for his Geneforge 2. I wholeheartedly recommend browsing through the categories and checking out some of the titles if you have the time. Of course, they might not look like Doom 3, feature cutscenes like a Blizzard product or a soundtrack like a Square RPG, but often enough you'll encouter a nice idea or principle executed very well. It's more than just better looking interpretations of Break-Out! You'll also stumble over interesting titles like Alien Shooter, which mixes elements of Alien Breed with the control scheme of Abuse, or weird ones such as the Harvest Moon-inspired Dope Farmer. Personal recommendation: AirStrike 3D, an FX-laden shooter in the tradition of games like Tiger Heli. Well, happy browsing then! (And thanks to DIY-Games for the heads up.)


Orbz is actually a lot of fun. It's sort of like a game of miniature golf with powerups. You can play it online and it is charmingly addictive the way Pop Cap games are. Free demo at

Jeff Vogel is a god, frankly. Orbz sounds great, too, and is currently awaiting my lunchtime ministrations, as the actress said to the bishop.