We Come in Peace


I am thankful to be sitting here in my home and uploading this comic today. It means I'm not out with the mass of teeming Americans gnashing their teeth and elbowing others out of their way as they fight to make retail purchases. I'm not saying that I wouldn't mind saving a few bucks and taking advantage of some tremendous deals. I just don't believe my sanity is a fair trade for a 40% discount. So I'm relishing the day I have planned. I expect to lie around for several hours playing Knights of the Old Republic until I get hungry. Then I'm going to eat leftovers. Then I may play some more. You know where to find me if you need me. IL Comic


I'm tempted to say that this one is my favourite so far.


I wouldn't mind a T-shirt with this one

Mex, your Tshirt idea is excellent.. sign me up for one!

You know, by coincidence we've been talking a _lot_ recently about ideas for t-shirts we could have made.

I have a new personal favorite choice.

I would love this on a T-shirt, it would make me more popular than before!


This is my favorite so far. Keep it up Sway!

This would be an awesome t-shirt. I would so buy one!

This one made me laugh out loud.

I absolutely would buy a t-shirt with this comic on it! It's got that hard-to-nail quality that transcends beyond just gamers; I think a lot of people would "get" it.

I'll take mine in orange... it's definitly one of those things that is 'geeky' but 'cool geeky' which is so hard to get... so should I just post my VISA info here? :p heh