GTA Under Siege


Haitian-Americans are the latest faction to line up in the 'Blame Grand Theft Auto' queue. Two groups recently organized a public protest in New York according to Le Spot.

"Grand Theft Auto [Vice City] is a cultural attack on the millions of Haitians living in the United States," said Henry Frank, executive director of the Haitian Centers Council. Frank's organization further blasted the game in a Monday press release, saying "players are instructed to kill all Haitians, who, in the video game, are stereotyped as thugs, thieves and drug dealers."

Gamespot wonders why they "waited months to protest the game" since the title was already released last year. Well, it's likely to be a follow-up story to a certain article/review that was posted recently. And one shouldn't be too surprised if approximately 96% of the protesters have yet to actually play GTA: Vice City, but were told that there's a game about "killing Haitians" and/or only shown a few, selected scenes from the game. Add in some common communication phenomenons and you can see why at least some of them felt the urge to criticize Rockstar now.

Earlier last year Elysium pointed out how GTA3 managed it to stay out of the debate about violence in video games. It's safe to say that the situation has taken a full 180° turn since then.