Gaming in the Real World Part 3


It's time for another edition of Gaming in the Real World. This is where we ask developers, web writers and regular gamers to talk about their experiences talking to people about what they do for a living or gaming in general. Today Gone Gold's Bill Harris chimes in with his experiences and our own Fangblackbone offers his own story. Here's the question, you can read o­n for the answers!

In certain social circumstances do you find it hard to admit you write about/develop and play video games as a hobby? What are some of the most notable reactions you've gotten? A specific story wouldn't hurt if you had o­ne.

Bill Harris

If the person IÂ'm speaking to is under twenty-five, IÂ'll talk about games and weÂ'll have a terrific conversation. If theyÂ're over twenty-five, I donÂ't bother. I donÂ't want to spend an hour talking about Solitaire and Minesweeper. Even worse, games arenÂ't just my hobby. I write about them and theyÂ're a major part of my life. IÂ'm better off telling older people that I do something theyÂ'd find less strange, like dealing drugs or robbing banks.

Of course, I hate Â"˜social circumstances,Â' so I avoid them whenever possible. I consider a party to be four people or less. Anything more is a mob.

- Bill Harris

You can read more of Bill's stuff o­n's "Night Call" column three times a week!



I went back east to Wesport Massachussets for a friends wedding. The wife's cousin was a big fan of Sarge's Heroes and I was a designer o­n the game. He was so awestruck when I said hi to him. How embarrassing is this? He asked me to sign his cartridge! Of course I obliged but it felt really awkward. Also, o­ne other thing to mention is that there is no feeling like walking through a game store and seeing kids pick up your game and feverishly look at the screenshots and read the back cover. The kicker is when they say something like, "Oh man! I didnt know this was out yet!" or "Rad! I gotta get my mom to get this for my birthday!"


Kids still say "rad"? Thanks Fang!

- Certis


Kids still say "rad"?

I think Fang forgot to put the part where it was all a dream...

This cat is out of times, Jones. Wiggidy wah!


Hmm... well after seeing that new Opus strip...

Sorry, friends, despite the rousing controversy it would stir if I were lying, its all true. Maybe "rad' wasnt the term they used. On second thought, Im quite sure it was "bitchin!"

Kids still say "rad"?

Hey, the Ninja Turtles are making a come-back!

Damn Bill I'm over 25 and I definately do not talk about minesweeper or solitare. Maybe 35+

35+? Bah..

I'm 44 and can talk (and play) games with the best of them.

Had to come out of lurk mode and reg. here to stand up for geezer gamers everywhere. There are more of us than you might think.. My Dad is 75 and is a fiend for Links and Panzer General...

Nice Joe!

I still can't keep my mom away from any of the Mario games! Put another vote on the imaginary poll for 40+.

I knew a guy who's mother was a master of all games with the word Mario in them. And she's in her sixites.

Bill needs a therapy.