Nov 24th - 30th


Finally, a slow week! The rush to release games before Black Friday has ended and publishers are mostly hunkering down and waiting for next year. There are a few notables coming in December but for the most part it should be pretty quiet. This week is especially slow with o­nly a handful of games worth mentioning. Perhaps the most notable to PC space enthusiasts would be X2: The Threat.

Shipping this Tuesday, X2: The Threat allows you to become trader, bounty hunter, pirate, miner or a "cunning combination" of them all. The first game of the series managed average reviews with points off for the controls and some other shaky design issues. Will the sequel do what the original couldn't? O­nly time will tell. The going price for this o­ne should be $39.99.The Big Games This Week

Silent Hill 3
Platform: PC
Ships: Nov 25th
Price: $39.99

The Buzz: The PC port to the survival horror title already released o­n the PS2 and the Xbox. The reviews were good so if you've enjoyed the Silent Hill series and don't mind a console port this should be right up your alley.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Platform: Xbox
Ships: Nov 25th
Price: $49.99

The Buzz: Already released o­n the PC with solid reviews and some knocks for the shortness of the game, the Xbox version should please fans of the original.

That's it for this week! Things should pick up again in December with Deus Ex 2, 1080 SnowboardingNeverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark and more shipping before Christmas.


• Baby Einstein: Numbers Nursery
• Bruce Almighty
• The Challenge
• Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
• The Dark Crystal
• Dixie Chicks: Top Of The World Tour Live
• Gerry
• The Man o­n the Train
• X-Men Collection
• X2: X-Men United

- Certis


$40 for the X-Men Collection? That's a pretty smooth deal if you don't have either one.

I'm surprised you didn't make more out of the Baby Einstein release. My 2-year-old was in the Baby Einstein focus group and now does a better job of balancing the household finances than I do.

I think X2 is shipping 11/25, tomorrow! Not Thanksgiving

Baby Einstein, Dixie Chicks, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... so many jokes!

I think X2 is shipping 11/25, tomorrow! Not Thanksgiving

You're right, not sure what possessed me to put Thursday. I blame it on.... Pyro. Yes, it's his fault this time.

X2!!! About frigging time! I've already pre-ordered it in full. I WANT IT NOW! ARG!

Yeah I hear you Veloxi. I'm waiting for it too...should be a ton of fun (dusted off my joystick for it. No, seriously I dusted off the joystick...laugh).

OMG X2!!!

Yeah, hopefully between X2 and JG, I'll be in space trading sim heaven.