Ready to Work


I don't really have any sort of diatribe or message to go along with today's comic. So I'll just update you with what I'm up to. My wife and I have increased tension in our marriage by playing rounds of Mario Kart: Double Dash in the evenings. If she happens to be working during the evening, I head upstairs to inch my way through the Warcraft III single player campaign. I've restarted it every single time I've reformatted or swapped drives or done something that has required me to reinstall. I have yet to actually make it through the entire thing. And, supposedly, there is some expansion for the game or something. So I'll probably have to go through that as well. I figure I might as well know the story when GWJ takes its inevitable steps into the World of Warcraft. While I'm as eloquent as an Orc and smell like the Undead, I thought I might as well learn some of the lore.

IL Comic


Nice one Sway...

Work complete!

At least you're dressed this time...

Royt - O

Jawbs Done

my life for the hoard!

Anyone remember an Amiga game where some weird British accented voice would yell, "The Mine's Been Destroyed!"

well now that I'm done free associating, i'll be on my way.

You're thinking of Mega-Lo-Mania.

I used to love the music in that game, until I figured out that the whirring noise that permeated it was Holst spinning in his grave.