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Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive have been in the news again defending their games. I only hope they aren't surprised each time someone files a lawsuit against them. If you're going to create a controversial game, you're going to have to face some consequences. Either there will be boycotts by consumers, or stores refusing to stock your game (a la BMX XXX), or people are going to sue. I won't get into right or wrong here because that topic probably deserves more than a paragraph. I just think how eager these companies will be to "push the envelope" in the future.IL Comic


I don't know, I'm sure it helps that the controversy adds to the bajillion copies of the games they've sold. A few lawyers here and there couldn't be too expensive for them

Here's their next game with "Auto" in the title:

Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation: The Game

Worth at least a rental!

I miss filling my own should allow us to do that every month.  OR, just allow me to play Tycho to your Gabe so I can have some input on what you draw. 

Just remember that this lawsuit is brought on by Jack Thompson who has made it his mission to bring lawsuits against the videogame industry. He did it before with teh Paducah (sp?) KY. school shooting around the time of Columbine, which was thrown out. He sent (I beleive) his own child into stores to buy M rated games and then sent letters to the retailers threatening to take them down for selling children M rated games. He was also the person who started the theory that the DC Beltway snipers were gamers which proved to be groundless.

He is also the man responsible for the 2Live Crew obsentiy trial years ago, as well as some rather odd comments about Janet Reno when she ran for office in Florida (I seem to remember that he claimed that people might try to blackmail her about being a lesbian, but since he just "outed" her I fail to see how anyone could blackmail her about her sexuality).

Basically, I am just trying to encourage the readers here to get the word out. Jack Thompson is a man with an agenda and people need to be aware that this is just not a random lawyer. This is a guy who hunts out cases like this.


Good point, jccalhoun. And Certis had a valid point as well. Who knows whether the ultimate result of these lawsuits actually turn public opinion against the game or, instead, drives purchases of "forbidden product". It's odd, though, I don't recall seeing any lawsuits about Postal 2. I guess you actually have to sell a copy before you can corrupt any youth.

Ouch, that's gotta hurt.