Gaming in the Real World Part 2


Gaming in the Real World continues as we ask level designer Sam Bass (Medal of Honor: Rising Sun) how he deals with the social scene as a game developer. We are still short one tar and/or feathering but I'll cling to hope for a while longer yet. Maybe we need to send John Carmack into a PTA meeting or something.

Anyways, read on for Sam's reply!

In certain social circumstances do you find it hard to admit you create and play video games for a living? What are some of the most notable reactions you've gotten? A specific story wouldn't hurt if you had one.

Sam Bass

To be honest, IÂ've never really had any trouble admitting that IÂ'm a game developer in social situations, even when amongst the almost famous and synthetically beautiful zombie types that populate Los Angeles, my smog bound adopted hometown. Sure, in the eighties being a gamer carried some kind of dork stigma, but twenty some years in almost everyone in my age groups is either a gamer or at least knows one. All of my male friends are gamers, albeit none of them all that hardcore, and most of female friends are at least familiar around a joypad. Consequently, rather than consigning me to a sweaty basement deep in the bowels social hell, my occupation actually gains me a certain Â"coolÂ" cachet, like having a Hollywood gig or working as a writer – while they may not be interested in the exact details of what I do, its certainly more interesting than chartered accountancy or public telephone sanitization.

That said, while being a developer does tend to be a decent conversation starter, IÂ've found that its best not to let the gaming conversation thread unspool too long – few things cause eyes to glaze over faster than an in-depth discussion of HaloÂ's weapon balance or the best way to attain that elusive final simian in Ape Escape 2. In the end, gaming may not be cause for immediate social exile, but like any leisure pursuit, be it chess, rugby or the breeding of miniature dachshunds, gaming just isnÂ't all that interesting to those who, well, arenÂ't all that interested.

- Sam Bass (Naked Exposition)

Thanks Sam! Be sure to check out Medal of Honor: Rising Sun which should be in stores any day now.

- Certis