You Complete Me


So I'm not going to pepper you all with excuses. This has simply been one of those weeks. It hasn't been a bad week, necessarily, but it's been a busy one. I never used to let work or my personal affairs get in the way of my gaming. Perhaps that explains my vacuous love life in high school. Well, since you guys are funnier than I am anyway, you can have your chance to shine today. I'll post the rough of today's comic with the promise to complete it this evening. Until then, post your own captions or speech bubbles so that your comrades don't go away empty-handed. Update: I've added my completed version. I think wzrd's might have been funnier.IL ComicIL Comic


Thought bubble:

I wonder if Star Wars Galaxies sucks as much as my transparent goatee and alfalfa hairdo...

Caption: Eventually everybody has to stop caring.

Thought bubble: "Hmmm... Didn't my grandfather mention some game involving dukes nuking people? Nah, it was probably the Jack talking."


(Because the guy looks like he's checking out a new game at a computer store. And I'm obviously not implying that everyone's grandfathers are drunks!)

"Hmmm ... buy the game and try it ... or just go online and bitch about it ... maybe both?

Hmmm...industrial strength wart remover.  Maybe this will get the huge ass bump off my chin.


Holding any new DVD this case sideways.

Thought Bubble.

"hmmmm...extra scenes aren't rated, eh.....that means there could be some boobs, right?"

"I have no caption... and yet I must scream."

Duke Nukem Forever! And just in time for retirement.

Caption:  Maybe It's Time to Take a Break

Thought Bubble:  "Have I really played so many games that the only thing left is Barbie's Hairstyler?"

Caption: The Eternal Struggle

Thought Bubble: "Girls Gone Wild: Road Trip" or "Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style"?

Thought bubble:

"I paid full price...I got half a game...developers owe me nothing...apparently"


Thought bubble:

"Damn, I thought it said half price for a full game..."

lol! Well, good thing I'm an admin on this site so I can delete wzrd's post and claim it as my own.

Caption: Skript Kiddie Welfare

Sign:  Will do write a virus for food

T-shirt:  My parents dloaded a few CD's and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

What Zway was really dealing with this week:  "Ok, plus means pregnant, minus means not pregnant"

Thanks for the compliment, though I'm pretty partial to your version.