On my Plate


A big helping of too much is what I have on my plate right now. Damn publishers and their Thanksgiving releases I say, damn them all for not spacing these games out over the spring and summer months when we have room for some excellent games. Mind you, things are pretty good when youÂ're complaining about too many good games coming out all at once. Since IÂ've been sampling so many titles I thought I would make some quick comments on them and look to whatÂ's coming soon, as if there wasnÂ't enough as it is!

...be happy and smile  ...be happy and smile

Speaking of upcoming games, Microsoft has sent along five fresh shots of their upcoming RPG Sudeki which is slated for a January release. Click here for all five shots!

Call of Duty (PC): Not a revolution by any means but an evolution from Medal of Honor and made by many of the same people. Packed with excellent and well-crafted (if heavily scripted) moments you may find yourself stopping every hour to pull yourself together and take a breather. Excellent if youÂ're not tired of the WW2 genre yet.

Rainbow Six 3 (Xbox): IÂ've only had this for a day so far but I can already see this game is going to kick my ass in a tough but fair manner. The controls are tight, the command system (commands through your headset, controller or both) is very clean and the AI has proven to be up to the task so far. Even if youÂ've played the PC version top to bottom youÂ'll find this new version plays differently and has similar locations but mostly all new maps and layouts. IÂ'll be doing up a full review later but I can say this is going to be well worth a rental if nothing else. Now I just need to improve my rusty FPS console game reflexes.

Mystery MMORPG: Things are moving along nicely although I have some concerns about the launch date. WeÂ'll see how November goes.

Crimson Skies (Xbox): IÂ'm still enjoying the online play in Crimson Skies and IÂ've recently finished up the single player part of the game. Not too surprisingly there was a lame amount of Â"gauntletÂ" runs near the end that almost did me in but I hung in there and finished it off. This game is a ton of fun and a must-buy game for the Xbox. You can read my impressions here if you missed them.

SSX 3 (Xbox): ItÂ's all about the Xbox recently isnÂ't it? SSX 3 has taken some getting used to since IÂ've never played a game like this before. ItÂ's really a lot of fun and highly relaxing when you want to try something a bit different. It also has some draw for those of you with loved ones to convert to gaming so donÂ't be afraid to give it a shot!

Temple of Elemental Evil (PC): Yes, IÂ'm serious. IÂ've held off playing lately since the Â"officialÂ" patch should be out shortly and I plan to review the game based on how it does once itÂ's released. It may not measure to the Â"reviewers code of ethicsÂ" but I think a few people are waiting to see how it looks once itÂ's been giving an update from Troika.

D&D Heroes (Xbox): Hoochie and I are playing coop every few days and weÂ're enjoying it so far although itÂ's not the most original game ever created. Look for a review from my lovely fiancé once we finish it.

Still to Play:

Final Fantasy Online (PC): SquareÂ's MMORPG has finally hit North America albeit without any US servers and shaky support judging from the reactions of those playing the game. Should be interesting to say the least.

Top Spin Tennis (Xbox): Virtua Tennis was awesome and this looks like a worthy successor with online play and some incredible looking animations. CanÂ't wait to free up some time to play it with some friends.

Grabbed by Ghoulies (Xbox): RareÂ's first release for the Xbox has received next to no buzz and average reviews at best. Not a good start for MicrosoftÂ's newest lap dog (shove over Bungie) but sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Return of the King: EAÂ's second Lord of the Rings game will receive some of that sweet coop attention and should pull hoochie and I away from D&D Heroes for a while. Reviews have been favorable so far, it sounds like EA listened to the fans and made some tweaks to the gameplay.

Aside from the above we also have Prince of Persia: Sands of Time coming soon and more as we inch ever closer to the American Thanksgiving. IÂ'd ask someone to hold me but youÂ're probably too busy playing games. You damn well should be anyways.

- Certis


After yesterday's front page horror, us readers do so appreciate a return to proper computer game images.

Nothing like a little digital ass to cleanse the palette.

i would like to note that the shot with some tail in it has 73 views while all others have no more than 39. (and yeah i looked twice too.)

Does Sudeki mean "horny, feral babes?"  My Japanese is a little rusty...

I too am overwhelmed by a pile of great new games that I don't have time to play.  And that's not even including the "Mystery MMORPG" that has been sucking away many hours of my time in the last few weeks.  I'm glad I don't own a console system also...