More Indy-Mania


Today taking a look at the fan adventure department: a few weeks ago I stumbled over the freeware adventure project Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. Building up on the recent Indy-revival induced by the DVD release of the movie trilogy the team now decided to launch a new website.

Indiana Jones: FoY

Fountain of Youth is supposed to be an unofficial sequel to Fate of Atlantis, one of the best adventure games of its generation. The developers promise to stay close to the original and even decided to use the 320x200 oldie resolution for game. Time to dig out your old 14 inch screens. The website features more information on the story, characters as well as some screenshots and animations among other things. Interested in other fan-made sequels based on Lucasfilm Games adventures? You also might want to check out Zak McCracken and the Alien Rockstars and the Zak 2 Project. The latter one is already finished.


Sounds like a great idea! Seems odd to have the resolution so small though, why not large it up a bit?