Unreal Tournament 2004 Pricing


This Atari press release (via Bluesnews) features some concrete information on their pricing plans for Unreal Tournament 2004. The suggested retail price is $39.99. There also will be a Special Edition available, which will feature 2 DVDs (instead of CDs like the standard version). The second DVD caontains roughly 150 hours of tutorial videos for mod makers and the like. A Logitech headset is included as well. UT2004 SE will be available for $59.99. Owners of UT2003, however, will receive a $10 rebate if you provide "proof of purchase" of the prequel.

As for the Germans, UT2003 owners can take advantage of a €10 rebate under aforementioned conditions (and I guess same for the rest of Europe) according to Gamigo. There's no word yet on whether the Special Edition will be released over here as well. There's a slight but notable difference in addition to that: the German version of Epic's multiplayer shooter will ship on DVD instead of CDs. Kudos to Atari/Epic for that decision.


Im a sucker..preordered the special edition...

Hopefully it wont suck like 2003 and I'll actually play it..