DOSBox 0.60 Available


While I was busy downloading that UFO: Aftermath demo (170 MB), I noticed over at RPGDot that a new version of DOSBox was released. DOSBox happens to be one of the essential tools for people like me, who never got rid of their old DOS games. Upgraded VESA VBE 2.0 and Soundblaster Pro 2.0 support are two of several improvements and fixes featured in v0.60. Of course, if you just want to run some of the classic LucasArts adventures, check out SCUMM VM first.


Sounds pretty cool.  Too bad it doesn't support the Crusader games. 

I think I have version 0.52

Works like a champ!  There are a lot of games not listed that work well.  Sometimes it is difficult to get the optimum processor speed.  Not a big deal though.