Freedom Forced Once Again


The Bullet

HomeLAN's JCal apparently took a look at the latest issue PC Gamer and noticed that the magazine has word that Irrational Games is in fact working on a sequel to their critically acclaimed Freedom Force. I would add a 'fortunately' since the prequel definitely deserved to sell better than it actually did. The title, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich already hints at the nature of the enemy. Looks like our crew of comic heroes is going to travel back in time to fight - take a wild guess - the Nazis. And you don't even have to wait a year or more as the game is said to ship next spring.

Update: There's a Gamespot interview with Jonathan Chey as he talks about improvements and new features in Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich.


Nazis?  How lazy can you get?

I was really excited until I got to "Third Reich".  Ugh.

I was under the impression that FF2 would take place in the 60s-70s.  Maybe they're still aiming for that (travelling back in time from 1969 to destroy a secret Nazi moon base?!?) but in terms of gaming I think I'm just about all Nazid out.

If it were any other developer, I'd be heaping scorn upon this announcement.  However since it's Irrational I'm willing to show them some love.  

Ok ok, mit might not be all tha original but you know what? I "like" beating up Nazis, and I really don't seem to get tired of it.