Star Wars: KotOR PC Info


I see over at Gamestar that the final hardware requirements for the PC version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic were posted. A 733MHz CPU, 128MB RAM and a Geforce gfx card happens to be the required minimum. As for new content and options: resolutions up to 1600x1200 are supported. Three texture packs are featured. The standard set will be used if your graphics card has 32MB RAM, the best package can be seen if it's 128MB or above.  The alien race textures were upgraded, too. There's a new location (Yavin space station) as well as about 100 new items and some new light saber crystals. Upcoming patches can be installed via auto-updater. As already mentioned earlier, the controls were revamped for optimal mouse/keyboard support. The game is currently set to ship on November 11th according to EBGames.

And while we're at a LucasArts-related topic, the L.A. Times (free registration required) is reporting that Simon Jeffery, President of LucasArts Entertainment, has "abruptly resigned." No further background information was given.


This is how sad I am (and how much I love this game).

I already own the game for the X-Box and thoroughly enjoyed my purchase.  I got my money's worth.

And I will likely purchase the PC version for the extras, and also for the inevitable user mods.

Yes, pathetic I am. (insert Yoda chuckle)

... and the last argument for buying an X-Box (for me, anyway) goes bye-bye.

So, where is this "downloadable content" from XBox Live for KOTOR?  I would assume the additional PC stuff would be easy to move to the XBox and fulfill the promise made on the outside of every box sold.

It was damned fine on my Xbox, and I plan to get the PC version as well, just because of how damn fine it was. Even if they didn't go for any extras, I'd get the PC version.