Indie Games Conference '03 Report


DoItYourselfGames have put up an interesting report on the recent Indie Games Con '03. The articles feature some general impressions of the event which was organized by GarageGames. There's also a number of photos available.

While it's tough to say if this year's IGC has more attendees than last year, it seems that the crowd has matured greatly with regards to their experience as indies. Lots of familiar faces from last year makes it easy to see how well people have done for themselves over the last 12 months. It's not all roses and sunshine, but most people seem to still have extremely good additudes about everything.
GravRally, a game being developed by  21-6 Productions (Orbz), won the "Best Multiplayer" and "Best Overall" awards. Unfortunately, there's no public demo of the title available yet. Same for Bit Shifter and Fuzzee Teevee, which scored "Best Singleplayer" and "Best Art" respectively. The IGC report also notes that Jeff Tunnel (The Incredible Machine) is currently working on a "dirt bike racing title." More specific information on the games shown at the expo will be posted soon.