World of Warcraft Class News


According to rumours there actually are a few people here looking forward to World of Warcraft. These lunatics might want to head over to the recently updated class page at the WoW website. Blizzard posted some new screenshots of and information on the Paladin, Rogue and Priest classes. Snippet from the Rogue skill section:

Stealth - From a clump of bushes in the deep forest to the streets of a bustling city marketplace, Rogues can render themselves invisible and unseen to all but the keenest of observers.
The public beta test is currently set for a launch in late 2003. In somewhat related news, this Yahoo/Reuters story notes that the Vivendi-NBC merger is in safe waters now. The new company will be called NBC Universal.


I still find myself alternately cussing and weeping over the fact that a Shadow/Death Knight type class didn't go in. What a damn disapointment.

Well they do have the Undead that can play the priest class.

I dont think they are done announcing classes yet.  Dont give up hope yet.

See the second question here:

They're done with class additions. An undead priest is more like an evil cleric, I'd think. Sure, you've got magic, but you're a blatant pansy in melee. I'm thinking more of a melee and magic hybrid class. Your typical anti-paladin or Blackguard from 3E.

I suppose I'll just have to satisfy that character need with my Reaver in Camelot.

Hmmm, you are right.  However, maybe there is a glimmer of hope when in the next sentence they say they are exploring the possibility of having what sounds like advanced professions or classes.  So maybe a warrior or rogue or evil priest can transform into a Death Knight.

There's a rumor floating around that the Death Knight class will be one of the 'Hero' classes you can access post level 40. No word on what its base class/race requirements will be, though I'm assuming it will be an Undead Warrior thing.