PAL Realities: Gamecube Price Drop


Just a quick note to all the Euro visitors here: rumoured earlier, denied afterwards but reality soon - Nintendo of Europe is going lower the official Gamecube price from €199.99 down to €99.99 on October 17th. A massive price drop, but definitely a necessary one as the system has notably lost momentum since its successful launch earlier last year. And this happens to be one of the rare cases where a PAL console costs about as much as its US version instead of featuring the typical €50 (or higher) "You're-a-peon"-tax. Also, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Mario Party 4 and Starfox Adventures will be available as part of the Player's Choice line (€29.99 each).


I think it's a great idea of Big N.
A bunch of people at work will buy a GC now.
Many GBA owner will buy the GC to use the extra features.