Söldner Dev Chatlog


While Pyro was busy getting GWJ slashdotted (welcome to the new visitors!) I joined the recent public chat with Wings Simulations where they answered some questions on their upcoming tactical shooter Söldner: Secret Wars. The chatlog - cleaned up, of course - features a nice amount of information on the game which may or may not be released in November.


Drop a note if you have further questions since we might have an interview on Söldner in the near future.Q: How will tag-registration and clan logo display work exactly?

A: Registered Solner owners (ie. online with an original version) can register a clan tag, which isnt used yet. Ie. they have to be unique. The player whos registering the clan tag will be the clan admin and can add/delete members to the clan members who accept the membership get the tag automatically to their nickname.

Logos: you pick one, and its used for you and your vehicles you use. For teams the commander picks one. Custom logos arent supported (yet).

Q: Will it be fairly easy to make our own maps, considering that the game will have 1 big map and will we be able to make large to small maps?

A: Ok, remember we got one huge map, but areas of the map can be edited by your own using the editor. The editor will be available on the website of course. The editor isnt simple to use, but very powerful.

Q: Will there be a system to punish players who commit suicide ? The Problem is, that it is often more effektive to commit suicide and respawn in base then to wait for a helo to rescue you ? Maybe a charge on the team money for suicide or anything like that?

A: We are still thinking about penalties for suicide, but havent decided that yet. I would love to hear from you guys about this, so open up a thread in the forum and we read that, I promise.

Q: Will the modding-tools be delivered together with the game-cd or will everybody has to download the tools from the website?

A: Tools have to be downloaded from the site.

Q: What about spawn Rape, With respawn and all what is stoping the ememy from rushing and camping your spawn ?

A: People can select spawnpoints, this means the enemy has to camp ALL spawnpoints, which is not easy. Remember we have huge maps, so spawn points arent close to each other by default (done)

Q: Will there be official servers at the release date ? In which countrys will they be hosted ?

A: Yes, there will be official servers. For europe we host them in germany as most networks go thru there. For USA we plan to have east coast, westcoast and central servers.

Q: Is the release date from BIG BEN (14.11) up to date?

A: No.

Q: There has been talk about having stationary or deployable weaponry. Such as a mortar, machine gun, AA guns, etc. Will there be any of these in Solder, either released retail or later? If so what do you have in mind?

A: There wont be any stational weapons in the release version but we will add them later in the Add on.

Q: "How many people will make up the Söldner "Live" team?

A: Sure there will ... It will consists of 3 programmers, 1 graphic artist and an external graphics team . Content Updates after release is very important for us.

Q: In the game, are there nuclear bombs?

A: Nope :)

Q: What kind of information will be serverside?

A: Collision checks, damage checks, line of sight, firelines, hits, all valid and important info is serverside. This is the first step to prevent cheats

Q: Whats the required System config of an Soldner Server?

A: Dedicated Servers need 512MB memory minimum, 1GB recomended, and a fast CPU, if possible 1.4Ghz or faster for 16 players, 2Ghz for 32. This migth change however due to optimizations (ie. might be better)

Q: How many new weapons do you plan to release in the first version?

A: In the final version there will be 60+ weapons in the initial release version. In the first month after we release we plan to release at least five additional weapons via auto update (cost free).

Q: "I understand vehicles have hit points where damage is concerned, but if you shoot the side of a soft skinned vehicle such as an Ural truck with a canvas rear, will the bullets be able to go straight through and kill the passengers like in real life?

A: Shots can go thru vehicles, but yes, you can kill people inside trucks if they arent APC's.

Q: What prompted the massive update to the look of the weapons?

A: We are deeply interested in the suggestions of the community in the official söldner forums. They asked for it, we listened and decided to add the polycount and texture resolution.

Q: Does the Sniper become completely invisible, if it uses sniperkit?

A: Yes, snipers get totally invisible, but need serveral seconds to do so where they need to kneel still.

Q: Will there be weather effects?

A: Weather is dynamic, and is dynamic for single player. In Multiplayer the default weather can be set by the admin of course, plus you can set the weather and daylight advance per round. example: you start at 9 am and a round lasts 30 mins, so you say after each round the clock will be advanced by 2 hours and the weather gets rainyand it works like that.

Q: Can an explosion tip over a vehicle?

A: Explosions wont tip over Vehicles, they will get damaged though.

Q: what is the polycount on Weapons, Character and Veichles (average polycount that is)?

A: Weapons now have 1000-1500, Characters 7500 minimum plus equipment, vehicles 2500 average.

Q: Does the code exist to allow the creation of naval units by mods considering they wont be in the release version of the game?

A: IF you got access to the source you can add watwer vehicles yes. Water vehicles are in the Add on though.

Q: As stated before by the devs the commander is able to give the team commands. How will the commander do so? Will he be able to set waypoints other than the laser point waypoint? Can he set routes? Could you elaborate on how he gives commands to the teams?

A: the PDA is a direct link to his personal spy satellite, seeing the field from a gods yes view. There he simply clicks a teammate and clicks someplace else to give him a waypoint. It's pretty easy. There is more to that, its all part of TCM and will be explained in detail.

Q: What will you do after the release version has left Wings for CD production?

A: nah, we will imediately prepare the first web releases for the tools, add weapon packs and vehicles so we got enough ammo to keep you guys BUSY playing this game.

Q:  I have looked at official FAQ and havent seen anything about Airplanes an their speed, so my question is what will be maximal speed for the fastest jet?

A:  Jet speed: fast, very fast, but not Mach 2. Technically you feel like that fast, but its not really that fast. Erm. Well, difficult to explain unbtil you fly one.

Q: Looking at the current polls, people are looking to be either helicopter pilots or snipers, will there be an option to only allow a certain number of certain weapon types per team.

A: on snipers and heli pilots: no, no limit, but there is a natural limit in the kits. You buy a kit and if they are out of stock they are gone. See, self limiting. The amount of kits can be set by the admin. Helis are expensive. For each heli you can buy serveral sniper kits. Dont waste your helis, they are powerful and expensive toys.

Q: Would you place söldner somewhere in between Operation Flashpoint (realism) and BF1942 (arcade), or to which one of these games would the Söldner orientate more towards?

A: 30% BF1942, 70% Flashpoint

Q: Only one player is able to be commander?

A: Currently yes. On servers with 128 players we might allow subcommanders.

Q: When will the big marketing machine start? as this sounds like an awesome game, but alot of people havent a clue what it is yet and I only found out about thru a friend of a friend on a BF1942 forum?

A: Soon, real soon now.

Q: can bullets Pearce walls, and when they do - do they leave a bullet hole?

A: Yes, we got serveral materials for walls: wood, stone and concrete. A high power rifle can even shoot through serveral wood walls, but might not penetrate concrete. Shots get less powerful though for each wall penetrated.

Q: Will there be first person view (like in bf1942) in Jets and chopers?

A: We have nose cams, ie. first person with no cockpit, only the HUD info. Close to fly the airplanes in Bf1942 with the cockpit off.

Q: Don't you think that your minimum-system-requirements for the client are very unrealistic when you think about the 128 server, the traffic and the calculating-time comes up with it, even when the server takes most of calculating-time?

A: Yes, 128 player server means increased system specs. System specs for soldner will be changed SOON on the webpage.

Q:  if you run out of ammo, will you be able to use your gun (say the rifle butt) to hit people, or simply be restricted to a knife?

A: No, you are restriced to your pistol or knife. You can pick up ammo from other dead though.

Q: Will the AddOn be free?

A: No, the add on wont be free, but the updates on the web will be free which includes weapons, vehicles, new features and more. The add on will include all publishes mini add ons from the web too.

Q: How will damage to players be graphically? will there be hitbox's, or excat polygon damage detection?

A: Exact poly detection with markers where you hit someone. Currently this is shown with dark red splats

Q: Will Soldner be working in collaboration with Gamespy?

A: No, we have our own server browser and lobby system which enables us to do powerful features like waiting lists, unique clan tags, unique nicknames and more.

Q: Can you destroy trees, fences, walls by driving into them with let's say a heavy tank?

A: Yes, you can even drive thru wooden houses and level them easily :) Tanks might get damaged though if you overdo that.

Q: A question about the 'official ladders': What is their function, and how are they being implemented?

A: Official ladders will be in three leagues. The highest league will battle for prices, webspace, and more, the middle ladder will be the competition ladder, the base ladder is for everyone to have just fun.

Q: If you say "roger that" in for instance, bf1942, the other team can hear you say this. will this be in soldner as well?

A: Yes, but we got far more of those commands, including stuff like F%$§ you.

Q: How will you support Mods for Söldner?

A: We will open a dedicated mod section for release. Everthing else will be covered in the upcoming mod chat.

Q: How many law/rpg shots does an m1-t80-tank sustain?

A: Depends from where it hits the tank. From the front you wont make much damage to an M1, from the rear even you might need 2. A T80 is more vulnerable from the back, but from the front has nearly the same resistance to man carried LAW's.

Q: Will there be a buddysystem, so you can easily join a server where your friends are playing?

A:  Buddy system: yes there will be a bddy systen with the portal extension.

Q: Is there a possibility to modify some Textures for Example the Face or tha Camou of the uniform?

A: face no, camouflage YES! Thats part of UCS, read the website :)

Q: will the damage you take affect how you play? IE get shot in the hand and your aim isn't as good? a la operation flashpoint.

A: No, only global hit points for soldiers.

Q: How are the collisions looking, can vehciles run over infantry yet? If a tank rams a truck, will the truck just bounce off with some damage or will it get crushed?

A: Vehicles run over soldiers, and soldiers die of course. If you run into a truck with your M1 the truck will explode, the tank wont even be scratched

Q: Will the SAMs be able to engage targets beyond view range?

A: No.

Q: what will be tha gamespeed more CS like or more like BF?

A: None of the above. We might be even slower than Bf1942. More Flashpoint Speed.

Q: What about the equipment system, will it be(for example) like in CS, where you "buy" weps before you start?

A: Yes, you start with a default equipment, and must BUY your stuff, with your hard earned MONEY.

Q: Whats the height cap for aircraft in the game?

A: erm, wow, erm, 8000 meters is it? Something like that.

Q: Id like to setup 5 public servers .. will u provide a linux or w32 dedicated server for download

A: Yes, W32 only for release, linux will be sometime after release. Servers are FREE, no costs attached. Only exception will be the 128 player server.

Q: Will there be a real Singleplayer Mode? Or just something like in Battlefield 42?

A: We will have a better SP mode than Bf1942, it wont match Flashpoint though in SP. Something in between ok?

Q: I understand aircraft will not be able to see infantry from the FAQ, only vehicles, well, if infantry shoot at aircraft, will the plane be able to see their muzzle flashes and so return fire?

A: Aircraft do see infantry, but not with Mach 1 ok? Fly slow and you see stuff.

Last but not least:

Q: PLEX! [Community Manager] WHY DOES UDETTE [Producer] SMELL LIKE THAT?!

A: Thats a good one :P Well, i worked pretty hard on that and Plex just loves it.

- Spunior


The ideas behind this game do make me quite hott. I really liked Operation Flashpoint, however, so I may be weird like that.

Plus, I love to make custom logos and icons, so that's cool.