Rockin' 8 Bits


I wanted to take a second to point you to an article on about an 8-bit music event that took place in NYC. The artists featured at the event have taken the buzzy chirpy sound we remember so well and used it to create fresh new music. Thre's even a picture of one of the artists, Bitshifter, using a GBA basically as his turntables, selecting and mixing on the fly. Somebody get that boy an SP! Note that this is different than the videogame remixes found on sites like Rather than using a specific game and using it as the base or the inspiration for a new composition, these grab sounds and loops from a variety of sources to create an original, fully 8-bit song. It's mentioned a few times in the article how "warm" the 8-bit sound is. I think that's a pretty accurate description after listening to the excerpts in the article. Check them out and see if you can resist the urge to imagine what kind of game they would belong to.