Phantom Beta News


Infinium Labs sent out a press release featuring some information on the mystery that is the Phantom. The beta test application phase has come to an end. About 40,000 people are said to be in the race for the 300 slots available. 'Winners' will be notified around November 15th. The public beta test itself is said to launch in Q1/2004.

Beta testers must be at least 13 years old and reside either in the United States or Canada. Each beta tester must have broadband access with at least 1Mbps downstream connection with an Ethernet handoff via Dedicated Internet Access, cable, satellite or DSL provider.
So, we're slowly getting closer to see how much substance there actually is behind what is advertised to be something like the 'mostest best consule evar.' If you don't know what I'm talking about you've probably missed HardOCP's article on the somewhat cloudy background of the Phantom.


If this thing is real (and of the kind of quality they're touting) I'll eat my cat.

I found it interesting that the press release (which I read) talks about how the beta application period has ended, but has anyone else noticed how the beta application period was never announced in the first place?

So, if it wasn't announced, where did these alleged beta test applications come from?  Hmmm?

Yeah, I'm of the same mind as the guys at HardOCP.