Silent Storm Interview & Delay


With Elysium being busy and fighting diaper battles and Certis moving these days it's up to the Magnificent Three, Pyro, Sway and ze German, to entertain our readers. All five of you. Ahem, on with the show. Gamershell features an interview with Dmitry Zakharov of Nival Interactive. He answered some questions on their upcoming Silent Storm. Some of the topics covered: the engine beneath the game, skills/stats, hardware requirements, weapons and setting.

The plot consists of different objectives and clues that are shuffled randomly at the beginning of a campaign – meaning that even we canÂ't say how many missions you will have to take before reaching the end of a campaign – it all depends on what clues you get, in what order and what areas of the strategic map they open up – and many times, they will open up more than one area.
In related news, GH also notes that Encore Software, NA publisher of the title, has delayed the release of Silent Storm from later this year to January 2004. No word from JoWooD yet, so the UK version of the turn-based tactics game might as well come out earlier and could be available through GoGamer once it ships.

Update: German and UK versions of the game are on track for a Fall release according to JoWooD's PR department.


Last I heard was October 17 for the UK release. Of course that means nothing and I doubt it will ship. I can't wait for this one, I'd rather have this one rather than HL2 right now.


Damn delays, this year has ended up sucking when it could have been one of the best ever, damnit !

I came across this on a Silent Storm fansite. Apparently the English database is still in the Russian version. So by applying a simple mod to it you get EVERYTHING in English except the voices.

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