Elysium 2.0 Now Available!


After nine months of delays and excuses, Elysium and Elysia have finally shipped Elysium 2.0, no word yet on which console it will spit up on first. Big congratulations to the new parents and we all wish you plenty of sleep and worry free nights! We also plan to chuckle once in a while too, if that's ok. Here is Elysium's brother with a report from the hospital.

Just thought I would let everyone know, I just got back from the hospital and Elysium 2.0 aka "little f*cker" is officially a uterus-free, gurgling, crying little baby-person.
8 pounds, 21 inches and quite healthy, the little guy takes after his Uncle Andrew. Elysium and Elysia are euphoric, quite exhausted and healthy at the moment.
Congratulations to the new parents.

Unless something changed I do believe his name is Daniel. To offer words of support and other such things feel free to check out the forum thread!


Gamers with Babies. Now that's comedy.

I wanted to assure everyone that 'little f'er' (such a dad I can't even curse at the moment), is not our term of endearment.  I think Certis has applied it because I rejected his option of leaving it to GWJers to come up with a name.  The results would have been terrifying.

Be back soon.....

- Elysium