PAL Realities: Playstation 2 = Computer


Yes, the PS2 indeed is a "computer" - not a breaking sensation at first sight. However, in Europe there's a certain difference between "electronic device that's not a computer" and "computer" since the latter type is duty free in terms of import. A European court of appeal has now ruled that the Playstation 2 is a "computer" according to MCV Germany. A battle won by Sony in their 'war' against the European Commission. The EU would have to pay back a nice amount of toll fees to Sony should this decision get confirmed by another instance. Of course, Microsoft and Nintendo would try to benefit from the outcome as well.

'PAL people' shouldn't get their hopes up though that the system price will be lowered once more due to this decision. Sony spokesman Nick Sharples stated that this is an "enormous amount of money" we're talking about here, but "not enormous enough to affect the Playstation 2 price in Europe." That's kinda funny though since the EU import toll fees were one of the standard arguments Sony listed in response to complaints about the system price (about $410) when the PS2 was released in Europe three years ago. Update: The PS2 apparently is not a "computer" anymore according to this Yahoo story. And the PAL entertainment goes on.


So Sony is going to get the money back?  Are they going to send it to their customers who bought systems during that period that they passed on the duty tax to?

No, they're going to laugh all the way to the bank because there's more than one evil mega-corporation making a game console.