X² - The Threat Previewed + Daniel Shipped


And no, we're not talking about an X-Men based game here. EuroGamer posted an extensive preview of X² - The Threat. Unlike Certis and Elysium I never really fell in love with Freelancer because of its static nature and X² is one of the titles I'm keeping an eye on. If you've played Egosoft's X - Beyond the Frontier you know there's plenty of reasons to look forward to its sequel. Judging the rolling demo its system requirements will be the main point to be criticized in reviews once the game ships in about 4-5 weeks. X did quite well over here, but sold so badly in NA that the publisher decided against releasing the expansion in the US.

As in Elite, you'll face the wrath of the security forces if you become too bold in your exploits - but unlike Elite, where no matter how good your ship was, you were one man against the world, X2 gives you a chance to build up to a stage where you can take on the security forces on an even footing, because it's possible to have more than one ship under your command at once - building up to the level of a veritable fleet, complete with battle cruisers, fighters and what have you.
In other, more relevant (Elysium-related) news, this semi-official press release states that Daniel has/was shipped to his family last night. Ah well, I guess the old geezer himself will drop a note sooner or later to mention some more details.