Two Realities: The N-Gage


Recent stories hinted at a rather weak launch of Nokia's cell phone/gaming handheld combo in the UK and in the US. Ilkka Raiskinen, "senior vice president entertainment and media" at Nokia, however, states that the company shipped 400,000 units so far according to this Reuters story.

The number refers to models Nokia has sold to shops and other retail outlets, but Raiskinen said sales to end-consumers were "very good in Europe and Asia Pacific". He added his company had already received follow-up orders.
Of course, shipping figures are traditionally not such a good indicator of actual sales performance, especially shortly after the launch of a system. And while the N-Gage creators still appear to sit on an isolated island where troublesome memory card insertion procedures and making you look like a dork (when trying to use the N-Gage as a cell phone) seem like a decent idea, there are already rumours about an upcoming price drop in the near future. It wouldn't be the first time a company claims high demand just to lower the price a few weeks later for 'mysterious' reasons.