Jade Empire Site Launched


While the publishing deal behind Jade Empire was already known for quite a while, the game wasn't officially unveiled until recently. Now BioWare has launched the official website of the Xbox project. Offering some more information on and screenshots of the action-adventure/RPG which obviously features Asian elements. It's not based on any franchise or rule sets they've used before.

Jade Empire

There's also an interview on Jade Empire up at GameSpy as part of their TGS coverage. Jim Bishop and Greg Zeschuk elaborate on the battle system among other aspects. Looks quite promising. And let's not forget that BioWare is also working on a PC game that has yet to be unveiled.


Oh man, I can't wait for this one... the only other martial arts RPGs that I remember were Moebius and Windwalker from Origin Systems back in the C64 days.. I loved those games so much!

Anyone know if this is a completely new system or using that pseudo-D&D system that they used for KoTOR?

Whoops.. ignore my question.. I just read the interview and they are using a completely new RPG ruleset (yay!)



wow.. I can't believe that no one else here has expressed any interest in this!

It's a Kung Fu RPG from Bioware!!!   What's not to like here??

Am I the only that's thinking "finally, an RPG that doesn't feature elves or orcs?"

With the few exceptional Sci-Fi RPGS like the Fallout series.. RPGs seem to be stuck in this Tolkienesque loop where people can't seem to come up with anything decent unless it's got elves and orcs in it.

I for one would like to see RPGs based on the Wild West, or the other historical eras.. or maybe a Cthulu based RPG set in the 18th century...

I hope Jade Empire does well so that it paves the way to more interesting and unique themes for RPGs in the future.


I whole heartedly agree, this game looks like it will be great, especially consider Bioware's past titles.  The only thing that sucks is it's over a year away.