Tokyo Game Show News


It's Tokyo Game Show time again. A number of new games were announced and/or shown. The guys at Gamefront covered the event, here's a short summary of some major tidbits. Square Enix has unveiled the Front Mission title that was hinted at a while ago. Front Mission Online will be released next year. There apparently will be beta tests in Spring in Japan. Fans will also get their hands on Front Mission History for Playstation, which will contain all previous games in the series. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will ship to stores next summer. The DVD movie (about 1 hour) is set about 2 years after the events of the PSX/PC RPG. Square is also developing the PS2 multiplayer action-RPG Ambrosia Odyssey, which will feature randomly generated dungeons and town locations. You don't have to team up with other people and can also play the game on your own. Also, a Final Fantasy XII teaser site was launched.

From Software is working on the Xbox mech game Chrome Hound. Up to ten players can battle each other via Xbox Live. Vivendi introduced what seems to be a Tenchu-alike: Red Ninja: End of Honor will be available in Fall 2004 on multiple platforms. If you want to see more videos (like the new Resident Evil 4 trailer) and screenshots, head over to Gamefront as they feature a bunch of links. Gamespot and GameSpy put up TGS sections as well which should be filled with previews soon.


Holy Crap!  From software is making a Mech game?  LOL!

Please make a sequel to Frame Gride!

Please make a sequel to Frame Gride!

Please make a sequel to Frame Gride!

That is my new mantra =)

I'm really intrigued by Final Fantasy XII (12, not X-2).  It's supposed to be released in a mere 2 months (a week less, actually), but we know next to nothing about the game.  It's the first FF title not directed by Sakaguchi; I think the director is the guy who did Vagrant Story.

Granted, Vagrant Story was a painful game in some ways, but the art and story direction (along with cinematics and atmosphere) were phenomenal.  I'm curious to see what will be done with FF12.  It's my consolation for FF11 having no interest for me whatsoever. 

Actually, the press conference on November 19th is when FFXII will be officially <b>unveiled</b>, not released.