Gamecube Price Drops to $99 Bucks

Section: reports that tomorrow Nintendo will officially announce that the Gamecube will be selling for $99 dollars US with one controller and no game. This isn't earth shattering when you consider that until now the console has been going for $150 with a game of your choice. For many this will indicate that Nintendo is the first to bow out of the console race for this generation and settle with the idea that they won't be taking a large market share over Microsoft. You'll get them next time Nintendo, keep your chin up.

Don't expect the Xbox or PS2 to follow suit anytime soon, I don't think either console wants to look like it's following Nintendo's lead or necessarily needs to. Should be a fun Christmas!


I heard Amazon and Toys R Us already dropped the price to $99.  I wonder how much the preowned are going to go for now at EB?

It would be nice if a used one could be had for around $70.  I'd like to pick up another one for the computer room if I could find a set of VGA cables that actually work well.

Anyone currently using a good set?  Do games that are not progressive scan look strange?