Port Royale 2 Announced


Ascaron dropped a little note that they today officially announced Port Royale 2. No real surprise since the title was already known to be in the development. However, they also launched a German teaser site, which lists some of the improvements. If the title doesn't ring any bell for you, check out Elysium's impressions of the first part.

Port Royale 2

Read on for a short summary...

  • Altogether there will be 4 nations and over 60 towns. New towns can be founded as well.
  • About 16 different ship types will be featured.
  • The trading system is going to get revamped. Production options will be spread better. Also, there will be regions where certain wares are preferably produced.
  • More automation: once your captains reach a certain level they can decide on their own what to buy or sell on the trading routes you assigned.
  • Business as usual: the more successful you are , the more captains you can hire and the more production facilities can be built. Of course, you have to earn a town permission before that. The ("widescreen") interface and menu options were reworked to make sure you don't get lost later in the game when managing a number of convois and fabs.
Basically more of the same with some upgrades and tweaks here and there. First screenshots were posted at the teaser site as well. The German version of Port Royale 2 is expected to show up in Q1/2004. Add 10-12 months to that and you can guess when an English version will be available - unless Ascaron and Take 2 hurry up this time.