Download Temple of Elemental Evil (Full Version)


Legally no less. Atari is offering the full version of Temple of Elemental Evil over Kazaa which includes six hours of play. If you decide to keep it you can pay $50 bucks to unlock the sucker. This is a great way to get the game for those of you outside of North America with fast connections or too lazy to hit the store. I just got off the phone with Atari's PR and they had no idea this deal was going on so it may be something they arranged through their OEM branch. happy and smile

Anyways, head over here to get the details and obviously you will need Kazaa (I'm told Kazaa lite works too) to download the file. If you use Kazaa lite and the web page download link doesn't work try to load it within the Kazaa Lite web browser.


Wow Guess I'm glad that Best-buy didn't have it :), this way I can be sure to be good and hooked. I agree a good way to go, but it should not be the full retail box price since you get no CD's or manuals ect (not that they are needed but they go into that price calculation).



Huge step in the right direction! Thank you Atari!

Maybe they will do that with Horizons!

I guess this closes the book on the RIAA argument that P2P is only good for piracy huh?

Kazaa seems to making strides to be a bit more "legit" in their practices.

50 bucks? Ouch. Well, can I at least burn it and keep it?

Wow wretched QA, can't even start if you run at anything more then 75hrz refresh. Who the hell runs at such a low refresh, that is just pathetic.



I run at 85mhz, seems fine to me.

I can't get it to work. When I ckick on the Kazaa link, it says it can't open the page. It happens 100% of the time! Oh well...