Worms 3D Demo


...be happy and smile

Well, you've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for it. A Worms 3D demo. Infogrames Germany apparently had a headstart on this one, so right now it's only available in German. We'll update once the English demo arrives. A hotseat session is said to be featured. Playtime and the weapon arsenal are limited though. Grab ze German demo (57 MB) here. Looks like I have to wait some more though as it refuses to work on my machine. *grunt* Update: The English version was released as well and can be downloaded at FileShack and GamersHell among other places.


Awesome, I've been waiting for this game. Worms has always been a fun franchise.

HMMMM! Damn its hard to aim right and get used to the wind and gravity operating in 3 dimensions now, also whats with the control method? I hope you can edit it so as when you enter 1st person view you can use the mouse to aim instead of the cursors which I currently have to use to aim! Because using cursors to aim just sucks!

No installer or anything either just the NT run command which fooled me the first time!