Youth of America NOT Corrupted


According to this article, over 70% of teenage boys have played Grand Theft Auto 3. The article also states that the likelyhood of that boy being in a fight is twice that of a boy who hasn't played GTA3. What's amazing is that the article doesn't conclude that GTA3 is the devil and says the data can't prove any correlation between the two. It even goes so far as to say that already violent boys might be attracted to violent video games instead of the other way around. "The data can't demonstrate causality -- boys who are more prone to fighting may simply be more attracted to violent video games," the Gallup editors said. Somebody deserves a cookie.


I'd say that the youth of America is corrupted alright, it's just that the videogames is not its biggest problem.

Why even have or include this kind or survey?  Maybe the real statistic isnt violent teans are attracted to GTA3.  Maybe its just that 70% of teens in their age group have been in a fight in the last year.

Sheesh man, who would have thought that teenagers get into fights.  Wow!  Thats revolutionary!

I've been in to fights in my life.  One was in seventh grade when I stood up for myself because I was being picked on.  The other was in eigth grade because I stood up for myself for being picked on.  Well actually there was a little scuffle with an opponent in highschool football who came after me because he got pissed that I kept putting him on his ass when I was playing 2nd string tight end.

Boy, I was such a violent teen!  I bet I would have been all over GTA3!

To be fair, the guy says that the data can't prove a correlation and that it could just as easily be one way as the other. Not that he thinks violent kids are drawn to videogames

I just realized my comments weren't exactly clear either, sorry about that. Consider it changed.

All I will say is Pyro shame on you!

And shame on Gallup for that matter.  This is not news!  If you read closely the article states that this is from an online poll of 517 teenagers.  I think that speaks volumes for credibility.