Breed Delayed


... once again. CDV posted an update on the development status of Brat Designs' Breed. The release of the FPS was delayed again due to final optimization of the multiplayer mode. The game is now expected to ship some time in November. A new singleplayer as well as a multiplayer demo are expected to show up as well.

Breed happens to be a prime example of bad time and resource management. Originally said to come out some time last year, the game certainly wanted to benefit from the non-availability of a PC version of Halo. Now Breed is in fact going to be available after the release of the port of the Xbox shooter. Direct competition with Halo and titles like Half-Life 2 or Far Cry definitely won't make things easier for CDV, who are currently experiencing a rough time due to high losses.


Not to mention the fact that its graphics are now hopelessly outdated as well.