Riftrunner Q&A


I noticed over at RPGDot that there's an RPGRadar interview with Swen Vincke of the Larian Studios as he talks about Riftrunner. As previously mentioned already, the game is not the direct sequel to their little RPG gem Divine Divinity, but he explains how it actually fits in the setting.

What Riftrunner does is fill in the gap between Divinity 1 and Divinity 2. I know that's a strange thing to say since Divinity 2 isn't out yet, but that is really what it does. Riftrunner takes place about twenty years after Divine Divinity. The Divine one has erected the order of the Divine whose sole purpose it is to eradicate evil from the streets. In Riftrunner, the player is a member of that order, a servant of the Divine.
While most of the game is going to take place in a different world, there's a number of ties to their first game. Swen also states that they're going to develop more titles set in this universe after Riftrunner and Divine Divinity 2. Maybe  this is going to be what the Ultima series was 10-20 years ago.


Divine Divinity was such a gem, I'm really looking forward to this and the DD sequel. I'll admit the graphics whore that resides in my lower areas hopes they spice up the graphics a bit before release though.