More Half-Life 2 Babble

Section: posted an interview with Gabe Newell. Surprisingly talking about Half-Life 2. He mentions some information on the three release versions, physics and mod aspects among other things. The release date happens to be one of the topics that were not covered.

Q: The Steam delivery method is sure to be very popular for the nearing HL2 release. Are you confident that the server infrastructure in place will be able to handle the massive amounts of bandwidth required by the thousands downloading HL2 via steam?

GN: This issue scares the pants off of us. Every time we think we understand the aggregate demand that can be created by the community, we find that we have underestimated it catastrophically.

Really. Makes the Steam release/service even more appealing considering the recent news on some of its 'features'.


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I heard about this today on teh morning radio show. However, the dj ended by saying something like "For you x-box fans there's a deal for you." which, I think, goes a long way towards showing that there are a lot of people out there that still really don't understand this whole gaming thing and how it works. If you are an x-box fan, you already have an x-box. this is for people who aren't x-box fans.

As another example of people not understanding this gaming thing, last christmas time a friend of mine was wanting to buy a game for her niece for christmas and I had to explain to her that playstation games are different than x-box or gamecube games. She didn't really understand that.

so it just goes to show you that in some real ways, gaming still has a long way to go before it gains some srot of acceptance by the mainstream.

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