Xbox Bundles


The bundle freaks among you who plan to buy an Xbox, might want to take a closer look at this Microsoft press release.

The specially priced promotion, available at some retailers as early as Sept. 17, features the powerful Microsoft® Xbox console, a two-month trial subscription to the highly acclaimed Xbox Live (TM) service, the blockbuster game "Star Wars®: The Clone Wars (TM) " from LucasArts and THQ Inc.'s "Tetris® Worlds (TM) Live," an enhanced version of the perennial favorite optimized for online play.
Marketing phrases aside, the bundle is going to cost $179.99. Another pack is being offered at Walmart. It features Splinter Cell and Mech Assault and is available for same price.


This is the kind of stuff I've been waiting for. I'm curious if it will drop further for the holidays, though. I've been holding off forever, but I'm getting close to taking the plunge. My Cube certainly isn't going to be delivering an online experience for me.

Hmmm...I may have to take back my previous statement. The Warp Pipe Project page got a quick update and it appears they're still predicting success.