Xbox Bugs Found


We always knew it. A sensational report at California Online points at a new kind of threat to everybody's (more or less) favourite living room equipment. No, not the couch. Someone recently checked no less than two Xbox units that had stopped working and found the reason for the malfunction: cockroaches. "Dead and alive."

Upon further review, the dead cockroaches and the live cockroaches that had shed their skin and dumped excrement were overheating various parts of the Xbox, thus not allowing it to function. He cleaned up the mess inside and the Xbox was working once again.
Quick, quick, run over to your consoles and take a closer look.
Farrar asks gamers to check the vents of their Xboxes for signs of a cockroach infestation. "Just keep dusting around the system and don't put it on a carpeted floor," he said.
Maybe not having old pizzas, chips and the like spread accross the room helps it as well. And always remember: "Anything that's good enough for the cockroach is good enough for my family." (~Al Bundy) And that's all the 'eerie story'-department has to offer today.  


Ugh if i found cockroaches in my Xbox I would probably freak out. Those things give me the willies.

Didn't these people learn from the NES not to keep their consoles on the carpet?  That is like a cardinal console sin, along with eating Cheetos while playing.