Silent Storm Preview


Certis spread the "Silent Storm-'luv" by pointing us to the demo that released a few weeks ago. Catapulting the turn-based game onto the 'want'-lists of quite a number of players. GameSpy features a preview of Nival's game. It also mentions one aspect that could extend the life of the singleplayer-only title.

According to Nival, players building their own maps will be able to include new 3D characters, objects and textures, build their own building, create their own campaigns, and change the physical properties of any material in the game.
I was about to reinstall Jagged Alliance 2 not too long ago, but after getting to know Silent Storm I decided I might as well wait for that one. I hope it will sell well enough to make sure that a sequel with multiplayer mode is going to be produced.


Wow, editing/creating of new maps?  This game gets better and better.  I love the demo.

This looks to be rather mod friendly, hopefully it actually is, and people take advantage of it.