Desert Combat Q&A


Los HomeLANitos feature an interview with Frank DeLise, who initiated Desert Combat. He's talking about the success of the Battlefield 1942 mod (700,000 downloads of the latest version) and what we're going to see in the upcoming version.

Well in .4, there will be 3 new maps and 2 new gameplay mods. This is going to be very exciting. One map is called, DC_Weapon_Bunkers. The objective of this map is for the coalition to destroy enemy weapon bunkers. However only the Special ops class can destroy these buildings. So it features destroyably buildings and teamplay. Another map is called DC_Battle_of_Medina. It features a new PUSH concept. The means the map has to be conqured in a certain direction, This helps enforce team effort. The third map is a massive urban environment features hundreds of new static objects and feature new vehicles such as drivable civilian cars, pickup trucks with machine guns, etc.. Another new additions to DC .4 is a new Opposition OSA anti ship boat, F-14 with guided munitions, Mirage, Opposition guided sam sites and much more.
DC really is quite an impressive project. The first public alpha already was notably more fun than other BF1942 mod attempts that were launched at the same time. The majority of the BF1942 owners I know prefer playing the mod rather than the original game. I wouldn't be too surprised if the implementation of mobile spawn points in BF Vietnam also is a result of said element being featured in Desert Combat.