Firefly Movie Confirmed


Joss Whedon's Firefly TV series was a hot topic back when we first launched GWJ and it looks like the cancelled series isn't done with us yet. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Firefly has been confirmed for a feature film and will start shooting Q1 2004. Joss Whedon himself will be directing the flick (his first time doing a movie) and Mutant Enemy will be producing it. Here's a bit on Firefly's continued popularity despite being canned by Fox:

"Ever since the show went off the air, our fan base has grown even more," Buchanan said. "We've had tremendous outpouring from the U.S. and Canada as well as the U.K., which just finished a run of 'Firefly' over there. Every comic book and sci-fi convention has had a 'Firefly' presence since the show first aired."

For the series, which ran this past season, Whedon produced 15 hours of television, including a two-hour episode. Three shows never aired on Fox but will likely be featured on the series' DVD release, due out in December. Buchanan said fans created such a demand that DVD presales on sold out within 24 hours.

*Insert obligatory "Damn you Fox!" here*


Oh how I wish this movie to be a big hit and cause the TV series to be resurrected....By anyone other than Fox that is!



I never saw this show, was it any good?  Or is this just a case of nerds going rabid for crap like Buffy?

Well since you think Buffy is crap I can't really predict whether or not you will like the show, considering you must be an alien

Seriously though, it's a pretty good show. Rent the DVD after it comes out or something and see if you like it.

Ala Simpsons, best show ever!

It was fantastic, and got better with every episode. I was and am still seriously disappointed that the show got cancelled as it was literally in my opinion the best show last season. I hate FOX so much I am enraged everytime I see or hear there name.

I am so happy to hear there is a movie being made on the series. I would love to be a part of it. Man would that be cool. Here is hoping Whedon will be looking for a nice cheap place to film this, like in Canada, specifically in Winnipeg. Hell they could get Frantic Films to do the CG who also happen to be from Winnipeg!

Oh yeah DAM YOU FOX! I hope you idiot your way into oblivian!

LeapingGnome sounds exactly like me ... before I sat down and watched some Buffy.  In fact, I remember saying how Firefly looked like crap ... you know, before I sat down and watched it a few times.

Well, I have actually seen a coupe of Buffy episodes.  In the second or third season my sister watched it all the time and I saw a couple with her.  Just didn't appeal to me.

I'll see about getting the DVD once it's out.

With the exception of John Doe, IMHO...which reminds me...




Not sure but I got the show off BT and loved it!

Seems like Sci-Fi in General seems to be a cable thing.

Star Trek and Viacom have like died, I'm old enough to

know these things go in circles and right now is kinda the dead time for

space crap.


I never got Buffy. (Honestly all the great stuff like the musical episode and stuff people talked about had all been done by Xena (twice in the case of the musical episode)) I also never got Firefly. I love Sci-Fi and I never liked this show. I only saw 2 episodes and everyone swears it got a lot better later (like Babylon 5 did).

Look what the cat dragged in....


*Sticks Finger in ears*


Certis: Looks good over here congrats on puttting it together!