Rockstar Decides to Make More Money


Microsoft miscreants mull more malfeasance.  And in other, less alliterative news, Rockstar games has announced that it's bringing its crime training simulation Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the Xbox in either an effort to expand their best-selling franchise, or to compliment their already successful experiments toward creating a generation of ruthless super criminals.

All kidding aside this is a huge win for Xbox fans who've suffered too long under Sony's foreign domination of shooting people to 80's music.  Unless, of course, you are from Japan in which case you don't even own an Xbox, know anyone who owns an Xbox, or likely have ever seen one. 

So what does this mean, if anything for the varying consoles?

Though not officially reported, one expects that Sony, which last it checked had a pretty solid stranglehold on the Grand Theft Auto series, probably responded with a look of rather unpleasant surprise, not unlike the look a person might wear if they hiccuped and burped at the same time, perhaps in a fancy restaurant.  Ultimately, though, Sony probably won't be affected at all by this announcement as they still beat Xbox's bundle date of November 4th by two weeks - releasing a PS2 GTA bundle on October 22nd - and really by the time November rolls around Sony will have pretty much already milked these two games for all they are worth.  Which means ...

... for the Xbox this is more a treat for those who've been loyal to Microsoft's gravity generating console from the start.  It's not a system seller, though it will certainly rake in the cash.  Still it's good PR - at least within the gaming community that won't go around blaming video game designers for the bulk of societal ills - to be able to weasel the lofty series out from under Sony's thumb.  It follows the standard plan of attack from Microsoft to build their own success off undermining and imitating the success of competitors - now what console from the nineties does that remind me of?  Oh yes ...

... Nintendo will almost certainly stand around with their arms folded, a haughty expression on their grim faces, and say 'well, we didn't want it anyway.'  It's a lie.  Nintendo is pissed, and has every right to be, as they actually lay the foundation of gaming by creating fantastic games like Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Metroid Prime, and so on while Microsoft gains market share through usurping franchises.  In the battle between creativity and marketing, Nintendo is taking the punches poorly, and the obvious lack of a Nintendo GTA series only serves to remind gamers which way the pendulum seems to be swinging.

- Elysium


Every day the Xbox grows more powerful, this is good news for Xbox owners definitely.

Kind of like the dark side of the force....

Everyone has such a problem with the Dark Side. But really, what's the big hubbub? It's easier to join, and the powers are cooler. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Oh, as for staying on-topic: I say it's about freakin' time we got this game on our beloved Xbox. Well, actually, I guess I can say that in two months, but still. I can't wait! I HATED playing GTA3 on my PC; steering cars with a mouse and keyboard sucked ass. I don't care what most people say.

No offence, but why in hell would anyone use the mouse to control the vehicles? Just using the keyboard for cars works very well. Apart from that keyboard+mouse make the non-car part more enjoyable. Especially the aiming. The funny thing is I borrowed a joypad (Logitech Wingman Dual Stick) from some friend just for this game. After trying it out for 15-20 minutes I switched to keyboard/mouse and never regretted doing that.

It seems so wrong to steer a car using wasd. So very wrong. Like, "watching Full House to see the Olsen Twins" wrong.