Daily Elysium: Fun Games Dead Ahead

Just a short note today:

There are two important things you should do when you run a gaming website.  One is that you should keep that site updated regularly with fantabulous content that the world is dying to read.  The other is you should play games.  Lots of games.  Striking a delicate balance between those two is often a difficult procedure ... except on days when particularly awesome games cross your doorstep. 

You know, like today.

So, I'm pretty sure we're all busy feeding our ravenous little addiction.  Call it working toward inspiration.  Either way, bank on today being a slow day on the front page.


What game R U playing?  You should at least tell me that.  Then I might be able to relate and therefore understand why it will be a slow news day.

..um, Elysium what are you talking about? What games?

I thought that was why there are two of you?  So one can play games and the other can write posts insulting his partner on the front page at the same time.  No excuses!

Silly gooses! Nice try feigning indifference.  Panty Raider 2 came out today!

And you call yourself a gamer.  No-Panty-Raider-havin-mofos!

You guys sure can be feisty. 

I'm struggling to wrap my brain around Republic with occasional bouts of Soul Calibur II thrown in for good measure. 

- Elysium

You hear that everybody?!  The webmasters are away playing video games.  Its a forum lock free Wednesday!