Feeling Russian? Silent Storm Demo


If you're feeling like a bit of an adventure and you enjoy games in the vein of X-Com and Jagged Alliance I highly recommend you download the Russian demo of Silent Storm 2. I've put a couple hours into it and while I don't have a clue as to what they're saying I can already tell this is going to be an excellent turn-based strategy game once JoWood gets around to releasing it in North America.

...be happy and smile

Set near the end of WW2 this fully 3D game looks great with solid physics, dynamic gun fights and blood a-plenty.


I totally want to DL it but I've read there should be an english demo before to long and decided to wait for that.

I'm really looking forward to this game. Have you heard if it will be out this year?

Gamespot seems to think September but that doesn't sound right. Honestly, since JoWood is publishing I think your best bet may be GoGamer once it hits Europe... whenever that ends up being.

That screenshot looks great for TBS, but I think I'll wait for the english one too if it's not too long.

This definitely looks like something I would enjoy.  I just hope the language doesn't effect my experience.

Tycho more or less gushed about this today. I'll probably try waiting for the English demo, too, but it's clearly something to watch.

Who wants to play a turn-based game like this multiplayer? Do you have any idea how long a match would take? My god!

My friends and I would !

I tried to download the demo and was getting 7.5k/sec.  Not a good site or it was slammed one.  Anyone know another place to pick this up?

I played it for a bit and liked what I saw. However everything being in Russian kind of hurts since there is a lot of text. I'm just going to wait for the US demo.

Since I speak/read/write Russian, I decided to give it a try just for the hell of it, even though I am not into turn-based tactics genre.

The Russian heritage didn't help much, though, because upon starting the install,  I discovered that it's packed with all-Russian text prompts in Installshield, which made it look a funky Greek/Swedish-looking mixture with my US-EN Windows XP. Amazingly, even changing locale in Control Panel's Regional Settings didn't help. Perplexed, I started digging around regional settings and forgot to try the game itself.

Maybe he's demanding multiplayer support as a matter of principle. That, and co-op support

I'd like to read what you think of it when you get around to the actual game Gorilla, all the in-game is pure Russian far as I can tell. I could be wrong though, it would be some alien form of communication.