It's Going to Be A Long Day (Virus Warning!)


Considering the four client calls I got last night and the three I've gotten this morning I think it's highly possible that every client I have is infected with the sexy new Blaster Worm that's floating around. Before I drag my sorry ass out the door I want to get some info up to possibly save you from the same horrible fate as my luckless herd.

Step 1: Download any and all security patches from Windows Update. Windows XP users can grab the security fix right here as well. The rest of you can read up on the vulnerability at Microsoft's site. Those of you who aren't affected by it yet should be safe with the patch in place.

Step 2: If you think you're infected, Symantec has a removal tool out that should clear you up. You'll still need the above security patch installed too of course, read the instructions on the page carefully.

That's about it, you'll know you have the worm for sure if you get an error message with a countdown timer that goes from 60 seconds to zero and then restarts your system. Believe me, it sucks. Good luck!


Such irony for me regarding this.  I have not updated my XP on the update site in about 6 weeks and I did it last night for the heck of it.  6 weeks ago there was 2 updates, last night there was 17 or so (7 of them security updates).  Then this morning I turn on the news and see CNN talking about the virus.  Good timing on my part I guess.

Yeah, same here with the client calls.  It sucks because we don't even support their Windows installations, only one application they use.

As annoying as that little "Critical Update" icon in the taskbar can be, it can save your ass on more than one occasion. My home Win2k machine has had no problems, though I am selective of what ports I open through my router as well. The rest of my machines are Linux so they're safe.

Well I got bit so thanks for the links Certis.  Much appreciated.

Bummer that I disconnected my comp and brought it to work.  Its just easier to work on my comp at work with all the tools.  I figured either I had a virus, needed a new hard drive or needed to repair my XP install if a sector went bad on my HD.  Good to know its a simple fix.

Well crap, I've been infected by this worm too. Thanks for the info Certis.