Daily Elysium: State of the Site (Month 8)

A few of you probably noticed that the monthly State of the Site comments I'd done up through about May, quite suddenly, and without any degree of fanfare, disappeared.  You were all obviously very disturbed by this development as absolutely no one had the wherewithal to mention it.  Some might suggest that this lack of response could be tied to a direct lack of enthusiasm, but I know the truth.  The burning question in your mind must naturally be, why? 

- At least pretend for a moment that's the burning question.  This intro pretty much depends on your asking... -

Why, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you why.  The State of the Site each and every month was, by and large, good, and I was getting to the point where I didn't have much new to say on the topic.  Once the site design was finished, and the staff complete, the forums up and solidly running, well all we could really do was strain our arm patting ourselves on the back.  Which, while fun, didn't really make for engaging monthly reading.  So, we decided to stretch our self directed comments out a bit, wait until things had changed enough around here that there was something worth talking about.  So, let's look a bit at what's been going on behind the scenes.

One of the most notable differences between the last time we talked and now is that there are more of you.  A lot more of you.  As is widely known I'm the guy who thrives off watching the numbers of GWJ fluctuate, from daily reads, to sessions, to the ever changing clock at the bottom right of my screen, if it's an incrementing number it has my attention.  Nary a day passes without my checking, monitoring, and graphing daily traffic, so I know when you're out there and I know when you're not.  Without getting bogged down in the details again, I can tell you that since May we've broken our own traffic record a half dozen times, and right now our average daily weekday traffic is substantially greater than was our record traffic in May.  Put it this way, our growth for January through May was less than our growth for just the month of June.  And we surpassed that June growth again in July. 

Which all goes some distance, I hope, to explaining why the site might have seemed a bit sluggish over the past few weeks, and why we've finally come to the point of outgrowing our server.  With any luck, knock on wood with crossed fingers, everything will go smoothly and there will be virtually no interruption of service.  If there is any trouble, rest assured that I will panic and ICQ Certis a lot, perhaps even clicking refresh over and over again to assure anyone who might listen that I can't access the site.  I like to think this will irritate people toward jumping into productive action.

In short, we've gotten a lot busier here over the summer.  Which means two things.  One: There are not only a lot more of you, but two: a lot more of you are visiting more often.  Which, is obviously, fantastic!

So I thought it might be appropriate to revisit what we are about here at Gamers With Jobs for those new to the site.  In fact, our very first article here broached precisely this topic, and as I look back on our humble, and I do mean humble, beginnings I'm pleased both that we've grown and that we've grown without straying from our original design. As you've probably noticed we don't have a laundry list of news for you to drown in every day, and to be honest we probably never will.  The philosophy is that there already exist a serious number of fantastic sites out there that cover every snippet of news much more thoroughly than we could ever hope or more particularly want to do.  Fundamentally, though we may occasionally share some with you, GWJ is not a news site. 

Our basic position is: if you've already read it everywhere else, then we aren't going to waste your time telling you about it again.  I've spent plenty of hours on site after site reading exactly the same news items, often in the same order, and thinking 'tell me something I don't know'.  That's what we try to do, be it in the form of an interview, in commentary about big news items, in our own take on the multitude of gaming issues, or even in simply commenting on the general culture that surrounds gaming.  Our basic goal is simply to present to you some thoughts on what's happening in that news you've already heard, and then open the floor for discussion. 

So, that's what I wanted to tell you about, why we're upgrading the behind the scenes hardware, and a little refresher for those of you who may have wondered why there isn't more bulk news on the site.  Maybe we're just patting ourselves on the back again, but in a strange way I think a little cheer from the staff to let you know we're having a great time providing this site is probably a good thing.  I think our enthusiasm for this experiment is ultimately what keeps the content worth reading, and I hope is part of why you've visited and will keep visiting.  As always, thanks for visiting Gamers With Jobs. 

- Elysium


I'm pretty sure most of the traffic is for Sway's comic, the rest is just hopeless filler.

I guess if you are looking at the IP logs, then you know I don't really work much.  Just don't tell the boss...

There have been tons of new posters in the forums in just the last week.

Its definitely pretty cool.  Maybe we are getting some website street cred.  Ok maye that was too much to hope for =P

Maybe some nice linking from 'bigger' sites will help, other than that, keep up the good work friends!